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Sweet Pea Birth Network
for New Orleans Moms

At SweetPea 3D 4D Ultrasound, we are dedicated to supporting expectant and new mothers by providing valuable resources, support, and education. Here, you'll find everything you need for your special journey, from Perinatal Counseling to Pelvic Floor Therapy services and more!

If you have questions about joining the Sweet Pea Birth Network or have a specific resource request that isn't listed, we'd love to hear from you. Join our community and help us offer the ultimate support for mothers everywhere.

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Birth Doula


Did you know that studies show decreases in the need and use for hospital interventions when a birth doula has been present? Finding a supportive birth doula to help you prepare for labor and delivery, taking care of a new baby, and postpartum support during your pregnancy -  could be the best tool you have in your birth kit. At Labor and Love they offer a wide variety of options for care that go beyond just labor and delivery, such as lactation support and education, in-home postpartum support, education and support for family members such as infant care classes and more!


Perinatal Counseling

At Re:birth, the mission is to provide new parents with the support they need while they adjust to their new lives with their baby and also offer support to parents who are navigating loss and infertility. The team at Re:birth specializes in diagnosing and treating postpartum anxiety and depression and is passionate about making sure that all birthing people have access to the right postpartum care and support that is free of judgement or bias, and that is safe and comfortable for all. However, their services don’t stop at perinatal care as they can help address any issues related to anxiety, depression, life adjustments, and even relationship/communication concerns.

Pelvic Floor Therapy


At Nola Pelvic Health, individuals can find comprehensive Pelvic Floor Therapy services tailored to address a myriad of pelvic floor-related concerns. Emphasizing that everyone, including males, possesses a pelvic floor, Claire and the team can expertly guide clients through a journey of healing. Specializing in treating issues such as urinary urgency, bowel symptoms, gynecological and sexual health, as well as pregnant or postpartum challenges, Nola Pelvic Health offers a safe space for individuals to address their unique needs with compassion and expertise.


Balloon Artistry

Their goal is to manifest your vision into reality through their event designs , party favors and decor. They offer a broad range of decor for various events; including weddings, birthday celebrations, baby showers and much more. 


Strength and Performance Gym

At Clockwork you are given the oppurtunity to focus on functional training programs, prioritize movement quality to enhance strength, conditioning, and mobility. Their goal is to create an engaging and productive atmosphere where members can thrive and excel on their fitness journey.


Advika Prenatal Yoga

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