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Find out your Sweet Pea's gender  as early as 10 weeks with Sneak Peek's Snap DNA.

Includes a 20 minute ultrasound prior to your Sneak Peek DNA Test.

$179 2-Day Test Results 

$199 Next Day Results

Please book your SneakPeek Snap test on a Monday- Wednesday to allow it to get to the lab before the weekend. Please note if you are booking on a holiday or after 4:00 pm, there will be a delay in processing.

The Snap Test will be performed on your arm so make sure you are very well hydrated and come with a full bladder for the ultrasound please.

Find out the gender of your baby as early as 17 weeks by ultrasound!! Please schedule your appointment two weeks prior to your gender reveal in the event that we are unable to determine baby's gender at your appointment. This will allow us time to bring you back for the images needed so you can have your gender reveal as planned with your family and friends!

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