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The Empowering Choice: Perinatal Counseling for New Moms


Welcoming a new, little life into the world is an extremely profound and transformative experience. One that also comes with a lot of challenges. The journey of motherhood, from pregnancy to the postpartum period, can be very emotionally and mentally demanding. As new moms navigate this uncharted territory, perinatal counseling should be utilized as a resource as it offers support, guidance, and empowerment to new moms.


Understanding Perinatal Counseling

Perinatal counseling is a specialized form of counseling that focuses on the emotional well-being of mothers and birthing individuals during pregnancy and the postpartum period. It addresses a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, relationship struggles, and the various emotions associated with motherhood that can ebb and flow during this time.



Benefits of Perinatal Counseling:

1. Emotional Well-being:

   Perinatal counseling provides a safe space for new moms to express their thoughts and feelings without judgment. This emotional outlet can significantly contribute to a healthier mental state, reducing the risk of postpartum depression and anxiety.


When interviewing Perinatal Counselor, Ashley Sabido Magee, owner and founder of Re:birth, she explained that one of the most important things to her was that she facilitated a really genuine and supportive care team around her clients. After she experienced her own devastating loss during pregnancy and struggling to find the right support, she made it her mission to make sure all people had the right support during this delicate and sensitive time of life. No matter what their outcome.


2. Relationship Support:

   The dynamics of relationships often undergo significant changes during and after pregnancy. Perinatal counseling helps new moms and their partners navigate these changes, helping to foster understanding, communication, and a stronger support system.


3. Stress Reduction:

   Pregnancy and early motherhood can be stressful, with concerns about the baby's health, parenting abilities, and changes in lifestyle. Counseling equips and empowers mothers with many coping strategies, helping to manage stress and promote a more positive experience.


4. Self-Discovery:

   The process of becoming a mother involves a profound self-transformation. One that many moms claim as a sort of “birth” of their own during this time. Perinatal counseling facilitates self-discovery, helping women explore their identities, values, and priorities during this critical period in their lives.


Research and Statistics

Numerous studies highlight the positive impact of perinatal counseling on maternal mental health:

1. A study published in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing found that perinatal counseling significantly reduced symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety.


2. The American Journal of Psychiatry published research indicating that women who received counseling during pregnancy were less likely to experience postpartum depressive symptoms compared to those who did not.


3. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the importance of mental health support during the perinatal period, emphasizing its role in preventing and addressing maternal mental health disorders.


Choosing Empowerment

By choosing perinatal counseling, new moms make a proactive decision to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being. This choice not only benefits the individual mother, but also contributes to healthier family dynamics and the overall well-being of the newborn.


Perinatal counseling emerges as a beacon of support and empowerment for new moms, offering a toolkit of emotional resilience and coping mechanisms during a transformative period of life. As awareness grows and the stigma surrounding mental health diminishes, perinatal counseling stands as a vital resource, ensuring that the journey into motherhood is not just physically healthy but emotionally fulfilling as well.

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